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Broadcom considering sweetened Qualcomm bid: sources

(Reuters) – Chipmaker Broadcom Ltd is considering raising its offer to buy rival Qualcomm Inc by offering more of its own stock, following consultation with several of Qualcomm’s top shareholders, according to people familiar with the matter. Source: Broadcom considering sweetened Qualcomm bid: sources

Uber Concealed Cyberattack That Exposed 57 Million People’s Data - Bloomberg

Compromised data from the October 2016 attack included names, email addresses and phone numbers of 50 million Uber riders around the world, the company told Bloomberg on Tuesday. The personal information of about 7 million drivers were accessed as well, including some 600,000 U.S. driver’s license numbers. No Social Security numbers, trip location details or […]

Morgan Stanley Ties Hands of Broker Who Jumped After Protocol Exit

Morgan Stanley went to court on Monday to prevent a broker in its Aventura, Florida, branch from contacting former clients from his new position at a private bank that he had joined last Friday, according to court documents reviewed by AdvisorHub. A judge on Tuesday morning granted the temporary restraining order, said two people familiar […]

Is MoviePass’s new $6.95-a-month unlimited movie ticket deal really as epic as it seems? - MarketWatch

But it may not be as sweet of a deal in every city. An average AMC movie ticket in Fargo, N.D., is just $7.69, meaning you’ll have to go at least twice a month to make MoviePass worth it. And AMC Entertainment   this month is offering a $5 ticket deal on Tuesdays, while Regal […]

Morgan Stanley: Tesla Will Surge To $400 Before Crashing To $200 | Zero Hedge

When it comes to Wall Street cheerleaders, Tesla has few closer friends than Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas (current price target of $379). To be sure, the relationship cuts both ways, with Jonas relentless enthusiasm ‘for the EV maker granting Morgan Stanley a reserved spot for any future debt, convert and equity underwriting, as well as […]

The Second Life of Sears's Massive Distribution Centers - The Atlantic

The collapse of retail has left empty department stores scattered across the American landscape. It’s been especially hard for Sears, the once mighty retailer. But while the shells of the chain’s big-box stores sit empty in suburban and exurban strip malls, a few relics of the company’s past are now thriving for the first time […]

Your College Football Team Is Very Worried About GOP Tax Reform - Bloomberg

For more than 30 years, colleges and universities have leaned on an obscure tax rule that allows sports boosters to make tax-deductible contributions to their teams. Athletic fundraisers around the country say that’s an advantage that generates millions in annual revenue – and one that’s threatened by Republican tax legislation. Source: Your College Football Team […]

Advisors GET IN HERE and BEHOLD a Better Way to Invest - Trading with The Fly

Late at night I like to run investment models, discerning Sharpe ratios — trying to find the best model to use for my longer term investments. Many lazy ham and eggers will simply say ‘just buy the QQQ’ and forget about it. But the problem with the Nasdaq is in its weighting. About 7 stocks […]

Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet - Motherboard

Being stuck without access to the internet is often thought of as a problem only for rural America. But even in some of America’s biggest cities, a significant portion of the population can’t get online. Take Detroit, where 40 percent of the population has no access to the internet—of any kind, not only high speed—at […]

The Risk Of Estimating Risk | The Capital Spectator

The US stock market has defied the odds this year, or so it appears, by running hotter and staying calmer for longer than expected, based on a variety of risk metrics. It’s unclear if this is due to a failure of the risk metrics, irrational exuberance run amuck, or both. Source: The Risk Of Estimating […]

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